The Process

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And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.

Isaiah 64: 8 (NLT)

about The Creator

My name is Yasmeen Grandison and for my masters Capstone project I created an interactive Bible study experience for children, titled Fellowship. Fellowship acts as a mockup of a Christian entertainment platform made for children. Inspired by cartoons like VeggieTales and Hey Arnold, I created Fellowship’s first series Noah’s Court. Noah’s Court follows 12-year old Noah Williams as he fulfills his dreams of making it into the NBA. Of course, Noah has a long way to go but, with the help of the Holy Spirit, he’s sure to reach his goals. 

3 Phases


During this phase of my project I focused on conducting research on my targeted audience, organizing user surveys, and writing several drafts of my script. I also created several user personas as well creating a style guide. During this stage I also searched for the correct voice actors to fit my character personalities.


After sketching my characters, storyboarding my final script, I used the Adobe Suite to animate my project. I also used Duik Bassel to make certain movements more fluid and less robotic. I worked with my voice actors, helping them to get into character towards the success of the final product.

Post Production

Post production involved conducting user tests , ensuring that the Noah's Court is understandable and that the choice selections make sense to my users. I presented my project at my masters' Capstone Exhibition where I was able to present my project and further explain my thought process during my production

User Personas

User Survey Results

Character Profiles

Character Sketches & Illustrations



Adobe Illustrator

I used Adobe Illustrator to illustrate my sketches of all of my characters and scenes.

Adobe Audition

I used Adobe Audition to clean up any background noise and noise grain in my captured audio.

Adobe After Effects

By importing my files into After Effects I was able to animate my character's limbs and facial expressions.

Adobe Premiere Pro

In Adobe Premiere Pro I was able to sync the voices to the mouth formations, add soundeffects, as well as adding my theme music. This step was one of the last edits Ihad to make to my project.

Duik Bassel

During the After Effects process I also used Duik Bassel in order to make certain movements more fluid and less robotic. Duik Bassel is an After Effects plugin that learned to while taking UDEMY courses

Eko Studio

After editing my segments, I uploaded these segments onto EKOStudio, where I am able to rearrange my stories and provide choices for my users. I was also able to add buttons then publish and embed my video into my final capstone site.