An Interactive Short Film Series

Created by Yasmeen Grandison

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him."

-Proverbs 127:3 (NLT)

Noah's Court
Ep. 1: Ball is Life

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Ep. 2 : Jehovah Rapha

After winning last game, Noah should be thrilled, however, he can’t shake the feeling that someone’s missing from the picture. In this episode Noah learns how to get through grief with God’s comfort. 

Ep. 3 : Queen R

Ruth is one of the top players in the AAU league. With great skill and favor comes ridicule and doubt from the most unexpected places. In this episode Ruth learns how to view herself like God does. 

Ep. 4: Bride of Christ

Often playing tricks on each other, sometimes Ruth and Noah aren’t very good siblings to each other. In this episode Noah and Ruth learn how to love each other like Christ loves the church.

about fellowship

 Fellowship is a prototype of a children’s entertainment streaming platform that teaches children Christian values. Fellowship bridges the gap between “church life,” and “every-day life.”  Learning about God shouldn’t only be kept within church. God is in everything that we do. Fellowship hosts multiple web series that helps children apply Biblical teachings to their everyday life. 

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Raise your Child with Christ

Christian Teachings

Fellowship is a Christian platform that keeps God first. Our goal is the provide a clear understanding for God's word in a fashion that is both fun and educational. Church is not the only place you learn about God. God is present in everything we do - right now!


Each video on the Fellowship platform was created use the Adobe Suite and FirstCom Production Music. Noah's Court episodes are broadcasted using EKO. By using EKO, Fellowship provides its users with an interactive experience that keeps children engaged while they're learning about God's Word.

Parental Control

Future usage of our platform would include parental control options. While using Fellowship, parents would be able to check in on the process of their child's learning. Parents are also given the opportunity to pick the lessons that their children will engage with.