I enjoy telling adventurous stories through visual images. I aspire to have my own production company where I would create films that share a powerful message with my viewers. I have always been passionate about storytelling since I started writing when I was thirteen years old. I love arranging words to make phrases that help create my own world with my own characters. I also love the creative freedom that I am given through this field.

My interests don’t only reside in film, but I love to paint, read, cook, and stay active. My favorite films include Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) directed by Francis Ford Coppola and Atonement (2007) directed by Joe Wright. I enjoy nearly all genres of film, however, I drama and religious-based films are my favorites. 

This portfolio showcases projects that I have created on my own and through Elon University. Here, you will see major growth from my first projects to my most recent projects. In this collection, I also highlight projects that I am working on and have worked on in the past. I also highlight in my portfolio scripts that I have finished and am working on, along with several film critiques. Thank you for following me in my filmmaking   journey.

- Yasmeen -

My experience with Yasmeen led me to 3 key observations: 1. Good Attitude - Teachable and open to constructive criticism 2. Follows Direction - Completes assignments on time and as directed 3. Good Communicator - Communicates effectively and asks questions....
"Yasmeen has been a true pleasure to work with! She is eager to capture the moment, and desires to create a unique and valuable product."
Jermaine Studewell
"I have had a great experience working with Yasmeen. She is very resourceful, organized, and hardworking."
Meagan Chalmers
Team Member